We are global leaders in the art and science of behavioural change. Combining a wealth of expertise with an innovative use of technology we instantly read behavioural patterns in individuals and groups – and we can help you to do the same. Understanding observable behaviours, what drives them and having the skill to change them, creates a significant competitive advantage for the individuals and groups we work with.

Our Approach

We work anywhere where people have the courage to explore the role their behaviour plays in face-to-face communication with others. Common scenarios for clients to reach out to us include:

  • Desire for change in organisational culture
  • Merging teams and companies
  • Where success is leading to rapid expansion
  • Teams and individuals under pressure/in crisis
  • Underperforming teams where objectives are not being met
  • Fractured relationships or entrenched conflict
  • Significant change initiatives
  • Organisations and teams under new leadership
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The Results
(according to our clients)

could change stuck behavioural patterns in their own team

had fewer frustrating or ineffective interactions with colleagues

knew what to do when extreme behaviours emerged in pressurised circumstances

would recommend the approach to others


I have seen a visible difference in the senior team in terms of the quality of conversation. Work at it and you will begin to see your team working more effectively and producing stronger solutions to problems.

Ian Hopkins / Current Chief Constable Greater Manchester Police (Former Deputy Chief Constable)

I’ve got a completely new perspective on who I am and what drives my own behaviour, which is so valuable for any leader. I’m looking forward to introducing the approach to the rest of our top management team shortly as I think it will be hugely beneficial to them.

Marina Ivantsova / Vice President, HR, Carlsberg

Working with Dialogix to create a whole new experience and understanding in how we communicate has turned our profession upside down! Their approach and style is wonderfully disarming and engaging. The professionals who attended…left with a robust understanding of Structural Dynamics. They have now become an integral part of what we do to advance the profession.

Steve Rum / Founder & Director, Johns Hopkins Medicine Philanthropy Institute

Our latest publication

‘Where Did You Learn to Behave Like That?’ is a coaching guide for working with leaders authored by Dialogix’ Sarah Hill.

Exceptional leadership coaches are able to skillfully solicit the childhood story that underpins a leader’s characteristic behaviour, helping them access an unprecedented depth of understanding about themselves. Gaining command of this story can be singularly the most transformative act any leader may experience in a coaching relationship.

Beyond coaches, anyone keen to understand how their most reactive and engrained behaviours show up in their interactions with others and, importantly, how to prevent the harm they inadvertently cause, will benefit from reading this book.

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