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Leadership & Organisational Development with a Difference…

Cut beneath the surface of Dialogix and you’ll come to realise we’re really quite different to other consultancies.

Dialogix is a global leader in this field through successfully integrating dialogue and structural dynamics together in ways that can create transformational change in organisations.

‘Dialogue’ in its true sense is a rare phenomenon in most organisations. It is the act of thinking together; where voices interact and build upon one another and connected ideas are explored, transforming into something with more depth than any one voice in the room.

We use structural dynamics to facilitate dialogue; helping individuals and teams to be able to ‘read the room’ for themselves so they can make conscious choices about how they engage – ultimately increasing the likelihood of achieving true generative dialogue.

The teams and individuals we work with become acutely aware of stuck patterns of behaviour and are able to make choices which release them; transforming meetings and conversations. They acquire greater communicative competency and seek and work well with difference within their teams to fuel powerful, productive dialogue with extraordinary results.

The fullest combination and integration of dialogue and structural dynamics can completely transform individual relationships, teams, organisations and whole systems