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I have seen a visible difference in the senior team in terms of the quality of conversation.

The model takes you to more difficult places than others; thinking about team dynamics and interpersonal relations.

Dr Sarah Hill is someone who can be trusted to handle issues sensitively and confidentially but also push you towards solutions.

Ian Hopkins, Deputy Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police
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The results of the dialogic work has been significant, including service provision improvements, complaints down, sickness absence down, leadership capacity up, distributed leadership grown, new services created, patient involvement normalised and more.

This way of working gets below the presenting symptoms and helps everyone get to what’s really going on.

Tricia Boyle, Head of Organisational Change, NHS Fife
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The world of philanthropy in medicine requires professional fundraisers to communicate to a multitude of sophisticated audiences; and empathy and clarity is vital to what we do…The professionals who have attended our programs left with a robust understanding of structural dynamics. They have now become an integral part of what we do to advance the profession.

Steven Rum, Founder & Director, John Hopkins Medical Philanthropy Institute
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I believe key leaders in our senior team have moved considerably in their approach to working together. The structural dynamics approach certainly created some turbulence along the way as it helped us build on our existing strong team approaches to understand more about each other behavioural propensities and to build a greater quality into how we communicate and work together.

David Leese, Director, Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership
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Dialogix have helped in equipping us as senior leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to work effectively in high stake situations. The work we have done on the programme has provided us with the means of making productive interventions that can lower the stakes for ourselves and others.

Sandy Hopkins,Chief Executive, Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council
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