The Dialogix Model


We use ‘The Dialogix Model’© to effect real behavioural change. This combines Dialogue and a sophisticated theory of face-to-face communication* with our own unique processes.

Using a fairly simple behavioural framework, called ‘Structural Dynamics’, we are able to identify, name and transform stuck behavioural patterns which hold back and frustrate individuals, teams and organisations. We also help you to understand how individual and group dynamics change under pressure; what triggers behaviour in crisis and how to work effectively with ‘high stakes’ behaviours when they emerge.

Our work builds a high level of behavioural and communicative expertise in leaders and their teams – the effects of which permeate throughout whole organisations. We find the organisations we work within develop higher levels of trust within them and greater authenticity in their interactions – both internally and with their clients, customers and stakeholders. In ridding themselves of wasteful communicative structures, they achieve more powerful, productive conversations from which stems greater innovation and more sophisticated teamwork. Put simply, they are more successful.

*Dr David Kantor’s theory of ‘Structural Dynamics’


  • We combine technology and our expertise to shed light on instant behavioural dynamics in real-time – in the room with you as you work.
  • We map behavioural dynamics across whole systems or within teams with ease and speed.
  • We use instant, accessible, behavioural assessments to help individuals understand their own behavioural preferences rapidly.
  • We design ‘interventions’ to help teams and organisations see and be able to work more effectively with their own dynamics.
  • We work both instantly – mapping visible dynamics in the room – and at a deeply transformational level – exploring the invisible structures which drive those dynamics.
  • We work alongside you to skill-build throughout our work so you are equipped to continue without us as soon as possible.

The Results
(according to our clients)

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Our history


Dialogix was founded in 2003. At that time, we operated as a small, bespoke consultancy working primarily with clients across the UK. Since then, Dialogix has expanded rapidly to the point where we have now worked with clients on every continent around the world – apart from Antarctica!


In 2012 we contracted with The Kantor Institute (KI) to provide jointly certified training in Dr Kantor’s theory of Structural Dynamics. Dr Kantor approached Dialogix as we were already recognised for our particular expertise and excellence in the use of Structural Dynamics with individuals and teams. During the succeeding years we designed and delivered all certified training in Structural Dynamics worldwide in partnership with The Kantor Institute.


In 2017 we opted to hand over a successful network of training providers to KI in order to continue our own journey with our own bespoke model. We continue to be recognised experts in the practice of Structural Dynamics but have now combined its theoretical structure into our own model which blends with Dialogue practices and a number of unique processes refined over decades of experience as practitioners.


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