Sarah Hill

Managing Partner

For more than a decade Sarah has specialised in the design and leadership of major whole-system cultural change interventions using Dialogue and Structural Dynamics. She has become an internationally recognised expert in the training of coaches and leaders to become accomplished Dialogic Practitioners and Structural Dynamics Interventionists in their own right. Sarah coaches, trains and advises senior leadership teams and national boards worldwide as they develop new models for practice, behaviours and funding and has been described as a coach and leader who ‘walks the talk’ and is driven by ethical practice. She believes the potential to reform people’s experience stems from courageous personal action that comes through the understanding and practice of dialogue, structural dynamics and mindfulness. Developing others to lead powerful and productive conversations lies at the heart of all she does. She is focused on enabling people to release the power that is intrinsic to leadership, through the way in which they talk and think together within organisations.

“Through learning about how conversation works it is possible to move beyond dysfunctional situations and improve the quality of interaction, thereby offering more effective leadership.”

Sarah is pragmatic and compassionate in her support and challenge of others in their efforts to create decent and sustainable change. You will see evidence of this in the way her coaching and consulting embodies respect, honesty, integrity and a non-judgmental approach.
Sarah holds a PhD and has published articles on collaborative research, multi-stakeholder dialogue in prisons, working with ‘invisible realities’ and issues of integrity through the lens of Structural Dynamics. Sarah’s book ‘Where did you Learn to Behave Like that?’ will be released this year. She is also currently co-authoring a book about dialogue that will be published later in 2017.

Tony Melville

Managing Partner

Tony is an accomplished leader who, with ten years experience as a Chief Police Officer in the United Kingdom, has considerable experience of leading large organisations and their top teams. His expertise was recognised nationally as he led organisational change interacting at a strategic and policy level with Government Ministers and senior officials.

Tony developed, implemented and led cultural change programs across these large systems and now uses this experience to design and facilitate interventions that improve communicative competency and performance. Through coaching, training and advising in the use of Dialogue and Structural Dynamics he helps people to both understand the concepts and apply them to their own unique situations. He has worked with senior leadership teams across Local Government and Health Care in the United Kingdom and Directors of large corporate organisations in the Middle East, USA and Australia.

Tony holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Development and a post graduate diploma in Criminology from Cambridge University. He is a graduate of the United Kingdom Police Strategic Command Course and the Prime Minister’s Top Management Programme.

Tony has been recognised for his integrity, humanity and equality, which he brings together with his experience of leading systemic organisational change to his work with Dialogix.

Rachel Horton-Smyth


Rachel’s background as an award-winning communications specialist has seen her work in a number of high profile roles both in the UK and internationally – often in environments where effective communication is one of the greatest challenges. She has spent more than a decade working to improve communications structures and practice in large organisations, including acting in an advisory capacity to the very highest levels of British Government.

Whilst Head of Communications at a British police force, Rachel was introduced to the Dialogix Model and found instant application for it in her work. Applying the theory she found it was possible to break down deeply engrained dysfunctional communication patterns, creating an environment in which it was truly possible to talk and think together.

Rachel has subsequently become an accredited interventionist, going on to lead bespoke pieces of work designed to bring about sustainable, transformational behavioural change in teams and across systems. She has worked with senior leaders, organisational development professionals and coaches across Europe, Australia, Latin America and the US, helping them to develop their understanding and application of Dialogue and Structural Dynamics in a wide variety of different environments.

Rachel holds a degree in Law and Politics from the University of Nottingham and is qualified through the National Council of Training for Journalists. She has completed advanced communications training at the British Defence Media Operations Centre and is a graduate of the National Policing Improvement Agency’s Senior Leadership Programme.

Donata Caira


Donata is an Organisational Development Consultant with over 20 years experience of working in cross sector businesses, from working with local charities to global corporations such as Rolls-Royce. This gives her an incredible depth and breadth of understanding of how people can work together to bring about changes they desire. Donata has a clear belief that developing and nurturing supportive yet robust networks of relationships within the organisation sustain personal, team and organisational change. She has gained a reputation for being able to open up spaces that are safe, supportive and challenging – allowing clients to explore their issues, dilemmas and struggles. She is recognised as a skilful listener, clear thinker and is able to get to the core of issues and dilemmas helping leaders face whatever it is they need to do to be successful and then support them through the challenging conversations that are often being avoided.

“I relate to my clients as whole persons, engaging in the richness of their lives and not simply compartmentalise their business existence, likewise I bring my own passions and curiosities, this normally means having illuminating, inquiring conversations that lead to changes in outlook and behaviour.”

Over the past 6 years the combination of Dialogue and Structural Dynamics has become central to Donata’s consulting practice and has made a significant difference to how she engages with clients as they discover together what is ‘really’ needed to make change happen.

Donata holds an MSc in Organisation Consulting and is currently immersed in her own Structural Dynamics development.

Mel Glover

General Administration

Mel is responsible for all administration within Dialogix. She also supports the organisation of all of our programmes, both in the UK and internationally.

Mel joined Dialogix following an extensive career in sales and administration in a variety of commercial environments.

Her approachable, friendly nature combined with her efficiency in working across an incredibly diverse range of tasks, makes her a critical part of the Dialogix Team.

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