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We help organisations and companies to excel by understanding their dominant behaviours well enough to make clear choices about what supports and undermines organisational goals. Real-time behavioural assessments allow us to map preferences and patterns, identifying problematic stuck behaviours at particular interfaces. We then design bespoke interventions which help teams and leaders understand these patterns and transform those which hold them back.

The teams we work with develop a common language to speak about their behaviours and are therefore able to name their team and organisational ‘culture’, rapidly. Understanding these behaviours and their impact, means the team can adapt easily to any environment they are placed within or task they are entrusted with. Able to skilfully navigate meetings and conversations, collectively they become more effective and often achieve standards and outcomes which far outreach their initial goal. Rolled out across whole systems, this approach builds high-performing companies and organisations.

These organisations tend to experience:

  • increased levels of trust and authenticity
  • strong, secure leadership at every level of the organisation
  • the ability to navigate crisis with ease
  • happy employees who report feeling proud to work there
  • excellent customer/client/stakeholder satisfaction levels
  • lower levels of absenteeism and staff turnover
  • enhanced creativity and innovation
  • an enhanced ability to perform well under pressure
  • increased adaptability – the organisation as a whole is better equipped to manage change

The evidence

said they could identify stuck patterns of behaviour in groups and could now transform them

said they believed the approach to be crucial to the success of change initiatives

said they believed the teams who worked this way became more cohesive

said they believed the approach was complementary to other approaches

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