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Exceptional teams are not only technically-skilled, they are experts in reading behaviour and derive their strength from having a wealth of behavioural diversity within them. This is contrary to the majority of teams which tend to have a dominant behavioural preference and, unknowingly, quash or sideline behaviours which don’t align with the majority – or, sometimes, the leader’s preferences.

Using a simple framework we help teams learn how to rapidly read the room. Real-time ‘Instant Behavioural Assessments’© allow us to map behavioural patterns and help transform those which undermine success.

The teams we work with develop a common language to speak about their behaviours and are therefore able to name their team ‘culture’ and understand when it serves them well and when it holds them back. Understanding these behaviours and their impact, means the team can adapt easily to any environment they are placed within or task they are entrusted with. Able to skilfully navigate meetings and conversations, collectively they become more effective and often achieve standards and outcomes which far outreach their initial goal.

In our experience, the teams we work with:

  • are considered high-performing and ethical in their approach
  • experience improved employee satisfaction (in surveys and more informally)
  • demonstrate cohesion in the face of adversity
  • develop an enhanced ability to work creatively and to innovate – even when under pressure
  • understand conflict deeply and don’t drive out difference in a bid to restore harmony
  • can disband and reform flexibly
  • describe an increased level of authenticity and trust within their working environment

The evidence

said they had seen teams become more productive

said they had seen teams develop enhanced trust with one another

said they had seen teams exhibit more authenticity

said they had seen teams have better quality conversations

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