Good leaders tend to be skilled in their craft but exceptional leaders are capable of reading behaviour – both their own and others’. We use Instant Behavioural Assessments© to help leaders understand their natural behavioural tendencies and work with them to develop behavioural flexibility so that they are equipped for any environment they may find themselves in.

Our approach encourages leaders to become familiar with their own worst behaviour and they rapidly develop the ability to catch sight of it before it does unintentional harm. By understanding the source of their dominant behavioural preferences – both day-to-day and when under pressure – these leaders gain command of their behaviour in a way which gives them the edge over others.

We also teach leaders how to read a room to identify common behavioural patterns within their organisation. We then equip them with the skill to change those patterns which place their leadership and organisational performance at risk. The leaders we work with become very clear about their leadership model, which offers the opportunity to explore its limitations and continually develop it to better meet their needs and environment.

In our experience, the leaders we work with:

  • are more effective at leading through change
  • experience rapid promotion
  • have greater spheres of influence
  • are a safe pair of hands in a crisis
  • can adapt their leadership style to the demands of the environment
  • attract people who want to work with and for them
  • navigate arriving, delivering and leaving an organisation well
  • leave a positive legacy

The evidence

said they had greater insight into their own and others’ behaviour and what drives it

said they could identify stuck patterns of behaviour in groups and could now transform them

said they believed they had greater behavioural flexibility

said they believed this approach to be a valuable framework for leaders to understand and apply

Don't just take our word for it...

Programmes and training

We offer a number of programmes suitable for leaders worldwide. Some are delivered in person, others remotely. For more information click on each of these titles:

This programme provides leaders with a framework to understand the DNA of human interaction – ranging from day-to-day communication, through to the behaviours that emerge when people are placed under pressure.

Using ‘The Dialogix Model’© we will equip you with the skills to be able to get beneath the surface of deeply-engrained organisational behaviours. You will learn how to deconstruct the hidden dynamics of group interaction and link them to observable behaviours in the room – creating an opportunity to recognise and change stuck patterns of behaviour that are not working. Our approach, the science of which is based on 50 years of clinical research, releases the most repetitive, unhelpful behavioural patterns, creating more powerful, effective and high-performing teams and individuals.

By deconstructing the invisible structures that sit behind our most volatile reactions, participants will also explore what drives human behaviour in crisis. Through exploration of the role of story and identity, you will learn how to make sense of – and change – the most disruptive patterns of behaviour that can erupt without warning.

As we are working with behaviours, our programmes run as ‘live learning laboratories’.

This programme helps leaders develop skills in:

    Explore how your own behavioural preferences affect how you show up and engage with others as well as developing the ability to read a room and understand the invisible structures driving observable behaviour


    Learn how to identify stuck behavioural patterns and design interventions to change unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Develop the ability to guide groups successfully through dialogue processes.


    An introduction to what drives human behaviour in crisis and how to make sense of behaviours that emerge whilst individuals and teams are under pressure. Develop the ability to lower the stakes for yourself using core principles for managing reactivity.

Upcoming programmes
Programme NameDatesVenueRegister
The DNA of Exceptional Communication – February 201826 Feb - 02 Mar 2018Central London/Manchester – venue TBC
The DNA of Exceptional Communication – September 201810 Sep - 14 Sep 2018Central London/Manchester - venue TBC
Our one-to-one leadership coaching helps individuals to understand their own behavioural preferences and how they support or occasionally undermine their leadership.

Working with an expert in communication and behavioural patterns, you will develop a deeper understanding of your own leadership behaviour, what drives it and how it interacts with those you work with.

The coaching will also offer the opportunity to explore how your behaviour changes under pressure, what triggers those responses and how to truly be in command of your reactivity.

Completely bespoke, this coaching package provides the space for you to explore your own personal and professional leadership model.

The Exceptional Leadership Programme is an invite-only programme for those working at the highest levels of leadership. It draws together a maximum of four senior leaders who work together with one of our experts in behavioural and communicative excellence over the course of a year.

Peer coaching and support is a key feature of this programme and the location of each face-to-face meeting is rotated so that each one takes place in a location close to one of the leaders.

The programme helps leaders develop enhanced skills in:
  • Behavioural Analysis

    Learn how to deconstruct the behaviours in your company/organisation using a simple framework. Understand what drives those behaviours and how to engage with them in a way which can effect improved outcomes

  • Leading Change Initiatives

    Develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics which frustrate the most carefully planned change initiatives, preventing backtracked plans, absenteeism, loss of staff, revenue and time.

  • Leading in High Stakes

    Learn how behaviours change when people are placed under pressure. Identify the source of those behaviours in yourself and be able to work with high stakes behaviours more effectively when they emerge in teams and boardrooms.


It is possible to nominate yourself for a place on the programme using this form. Applications are welcomed from across all sectors and disciplines.

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